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I am a mobile drum teacher from Guildford, Surrey. I offer an innovative and convenient way of learning the drums by having lessons in the comfort of your own home, on a combination of practice pads and a virtually silent (compared to it’s big brother) electronic drum-kit, using headphones.

Most people looking for drumming lessons would normally be required to travel to a studio of some sort, which can be a bit inconvenient at times, or have their own drum-kit. With me, there is no such hassle as I provide all the equipment, expertise and patience needed to learn to play the drums.

I teach drums from complete beginner to grade 6 using syllabuses in association with:


Techniques covered in drum lessons:

  • Drum Theory
  • Rudiments
  • Accents and Ghost Notes
  • Fills and Grooves
  • Dynamics
  • Bass Drum Techniques
    (Including Double Bass)

  • Polyrhythms
  • Kit Setup
  • Stick Grip
  • Kit Tuning
  • Stretches & Posture

  • Plus, many more.

Opening Times:

Monday – Saturday: 18:00 – 21:00


Monday – Friday

1 hour: £30
30 mins: £20
*Saturday rates apply on bank holidays.


1 hour: £35
30 mins: £25

Block Booking Special

Book ten 1 hour lessons and get the 1st lesson free.
*Excludes bank holidays and weekends, Non refundable upon payment receipt.

About Jason

2014 Repair To Ruin promo shoot.I have been drumming since the age of 8 and have studied music in various schools, colleges and academies. As a professional drummer for over 10 years I have developed a range of techniques and musical styles from different instructors whom I have had the great pleasure of knowing and learning from.

Growing up in the East End of London I have been brought up on a variety of different music genres including: Ska, Rock, Metal, Drum n’ Bass, Hip-Hop, Garage and Pop to name only a few. Having such an eclectic taste in music is what I believe has given me my own unique style behind the kit.

I have had the great fortune of working on some fantastic projects in my time, such as performing for The Prince’s Trust and gigging with my own band ‘Repair to Ruin’. Working alongside some great musicians can be demanding at times but it keeps me on my toes and constantly tests and improves my drumming ability.

Being a drummer is an indispensable role; you are the heartbeat of the band, keeping everyone in time and applying the groove and dynamic feel to the song. It is a role that I take great pride in doing to a high standard.

Bookings & Information


Are there any age restrictions?2018-09-22T17:51:36+01:00

Suggested minimum of 8 years old.

What will students be learning on?2018-09-22T17:52:38+01:00

Either their own kit or my Roland TD-4KP Electronic Drum Kit which comes with me to all lessons when required.

Do you accept credit card?2018-09-22T17:54:47+01:00

I accept all forms of card payment including American Express, however a 50 pence charge does apply to all card payments.

When does payment need to be given?2018-09-22T17:55:33+01:00

Immediately at the end of each lesson or book a block of lessons in advance for extra value.

What is the lesson cancellation period?2018-09-22T17:56:12+01:00

You will not be charged for cancelling or moving a lesson providing 48 hours prior notice is given.

Is there a consultation?2018-09-22T17:56:43+01:00

Yes, I carry out a quick consultation at the beginning of the first lesson to assess the level at which my teaching needs to begin.

Do you offer advice on purchasing equipment?2018-09-22T17:57:13+01:00

Students will receive advice on selecting multiple products from drum-kits, sticks, cymbals, practice pads, metronomes and other educational material.

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