Best Materials For Learning How To Play The Drums


One of the most basic pieces of equipment you will need as a drummer is a good pair of drumsticks. These come in a huge variety of sizes, weights, lengths and colours. Below is a list of what to look out for when purchasing your first set along with some links to a few of my favourites.

Drumsticks usually get graded by a number followed by a letter. The number indicates the weight and thickness of the stick based on the higher the number, the lighter and thinner the stick. The letters indicate the use of the drumsticks application:

  • The letter A stands for orchestra.
  • The letter B stands for marching and concert bands.

I always recommend beginner drummers to select a good pair of 5A drumsticks or a 7A pair of drumsticks if they prefer the stick to be slightly lighter. Below are a few links to some of my personal favourites.